The Resounding Return of The Jungle Book

Disney’s most recent live action version of classic fairy tales comes in the form of The Jungle Book. As you guessed, the movie is the live action remake of the 1967 film of the same name. And after nearly 50 years, The Jungle Book comes back with big success.

The movie saw a $103 million opening weekend, making it the second largest April opening of all time. The movie’s special effects alone are enticing enough to go see. And what sets this movie apart from the rest of Disney’s live action remakes is that the CGI used in The Jungle Book adds to the storytelling and is implemented as a great tool.

Reintroducing a classic tale to a modern audience is always tricky business. You want include a sense of nostalgia but you don’t want to make a carbon copy. Yet deviating too far from the original tale will make viewers mad. And with that in mind, The Jungle Book strikes a perfect balance. The story takes a more serious, modern take. But the characters are still as they were 50 years ago. Old cartoon animals of the world are made into amazingly realistic ones.

Fur is detailed to the last strand, and looks soft and gleaming. Their facial expressions shine through as well. Characters like Baloo and Shere Khan recapture the personalities of the 1967 film, but now with the visual intricacies made possible through breathtaking CGI. The movie realizes The Jungle Book story modernly, with animals looking fierce and ferocious, or lovable and fluffy.

The story is about man vs. nature yes, but the story also refocuses to be about man protecting nature; a modern spin made by the director, John Favreau. And this all shines through with the movie. While the remake isn’t a musical like the original film, classic songs are still weaved into the story. The Jungle Book isn’t complete without The Bear Necessities; and the song still charms in real life as it did 50 years ago in the animated version.

All these elements are masterfully crafted together to bring The Jungle Book story to a new generation, and it does so in a resounding way. The CGI, nostalgia, and modernly remade story all mix very well. Critics and fans love the movie, and positive reviews only further supplement it. And after 50 years, this reception is a great way to bring back The Jungle Book.

What are your thoughts on the new Jungle Book movie? Are you glad to see it come back? Leave a comment below, and for more movie goodness come back here to Cinemaniacs!


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