Movies That Prince Rocked

Today famous musician Prince was found dead, only living until 57. In his honor, I want to make mention of movies he had a part in. And while the movies he helped with are old, they still hold up today.

The first of these is none other than the Tim Burton‘s 1989 Batman movie, starring Michael Keaton. While Prince wasn’t physically in the movie, his music was. Prince made the entire soundtrack to this film, from “Batdance” to “Partyman.” In fact, at its time Batdance held the #1 spot in the top 100 charts.

The movie of course was one of the first, main theatrical debuts of Batman and was regarded as a hit. The director, Tim Burton, listened to Prince’s music while creating the role for the film’s Joker; he listened to Prince’s earlier songs such as “1999” and “Baby I’m a Star.”

Another movie Prince was great in was Purple Rain. This was Prince’s debut film in 1984, and first fore on the big screen. The film follows talented star “The Kid”, a Minneapolis musician in a rising band, The Revolution. The Kid tries to escape his terrible home life and abusive parents through his music.

The movie went for both an emotional and musical appeal. The film received great reviews and went on to make a sequel in 1990, Graffiti Bridge. In both these movies, Prince starred in the main role and made (majority of) the soundtracks. Soundtracks for these movies can be found on Spotify.

Prince wasn’t limited to acting and composing either; Under the Cherry Moon is a 1986 drama film directed by Prince. It stars Prince as a gigolo named Christoper Tracey and Jerome Benton as his partner, Tricky. Together the duo go around deceiving wealthy French women. But things take an unexpected turn when Christopher falls in love with one of these women, Mary.

The film was actually Prince’s first time directing. The soundtrack for the film was a collaborative effort between Prince and jazz keyboardist Clare Fischer. While the film itself met negative reception and reviews, the soundtrack was critically praised. The soundtrack can be found on iTunes and Amazon.

While Prince did not have a big cinematic presence, he will still be greatly missed. Have you seen any of Prince’s movies? What are your thoughts on him, or his music? Leave a comment below, and for more movie goodness come back here to Cinemaniacs!


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