Upcoming Purdue Movie Events

Taking a small step back, I wanted to make mention of two upcoming movie events here at Purdue University (in West Lafayette, Indiana). I don’t get the feeling they were advertised as much, but if you’re in the local West Lafayette area then I suggest coming over and checking them out!

This first of these is actually tomorrow. In Grissom Hall, room 103, at 7pm there will be a showing of Code Girl. This heartfelt documentary follows several high school girls from all around the world as they take part in The Technovation Challenge, a coding competition. All these girls are from underprivileged communities and all dream of making apps that can improve the lives of their communities.

Code Girl is a very touching movie that looks to empower young women. It sets out to address the problematic lack of women in technology fields, and hopefully get awareness for it. And if you don’t want to go out to watch it, the documentary is actually available on numerous platforms. You can rent, buy, or stream the movie on iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, Vudu, Xbox, Playstation, and Steam.

The next event here at Purdue isn’t as sentimental, but rather to be a fun night out. Purdue’s student led organization, PSUB, is holding their annual “Movie on the Hill” event. Last year they screened American Sniper and this year PSUB will be showing Dirty Grandpa. Movie on the Hill will take place on Slayter Hill and will be from 9pm – 12am on Aprile 23.

The movie follows Jason Kelly (Zac Efron) as he is tricked by his grandfather, Dick (Robert De Niro), into driving him to Florida the week before Jason’s wedding day. But don’t expect too much from this movie, as it got very low fan scores and a mixed critical reception. Rather, this would be a movie to just have some mindless fun with while outdoors on Slayter Hill.


If you’re in the local West Lafayette area, then why not come stop by for a few movies? And for more movie goodness, come back here to Cinemaniacs!


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