Small Time Movie Moments

From the big screen to the small screen, with any group of friends there’s bound to be a moment where you all watch a movie together. Whether it’s at the theater, on a date, a scary movie in the dark, or just at someone’s house. Movies are a social event and people love watching them.

Purdue is no different in this regard. I was able to talk to a local Purdue student, Stephen Kercher, about how he holds small movie events with his friends and a few neighborhood guests. Stephen lives in The Cottages on Lindberg, and once or twice a month he holds neighborhood movie showings at his apartment.

These aren’t formal events either. Stephen informs his friends, and his friends tell friends, and this keeps continuing. While sometimes small, the turnout for his movie showings has reached up to 30 people at times before.

The movies that are put on aren’t anything spectacular; from old monster movies to movies like Paul Blart Mall Cop. But the idea behind these movie gatherings is just to be fun. They’re small social events held infrequently. A simple get-together of people who want to spend time in front of a projector.

It’s something really pleasing to see happening; beyond new releases and blockbusters at the theater, watching movies is still eventful. It makes me want to go out and hold a little movie event with my friends. Have you ever held a movie event like this? Leave a comment below. But for more movie goodness, come back here to Cinemaniacs!


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