Batman V Superman Lasting Thoughts

It’s been nearly two weeks since the release of Batman v Superman, and all the controversy that came with it. It fell under critical disdain for many reasons, while fans of the superheroes praised it. After all the build up surrounding this movie, what lasting impressions did it leave?

I went to watch it a few days after its release. The showings all before 9 were all sold out, but the 9:30 time was still open. And I feel the theater at that time was a good representation of the movie reactions. The theater was relatively empty at first before filling up quickly. But it wasn’t packed.

And that’s really how the reactions to this movie were: 50/50. Fans loved it, critics didn’t. Enough praise to fill up a theater, but not enough to it to the brim. It’s upsetting to see that as ambitious as the movie was, it didn’t get enough good reception. Which can be chalked up to a lot of divisive decisions made in Batman v Superman.While I loved the movie, many others did not.

Others like Shounak Dattagupta, who I had the opportunity to ask about his thought on the movie, was not too high praising of it. Just a regular moviegoer, I asked how he felt about the movie after coming out of the theater The movie had bad pacing and felt disjointed at times, and that’s one of the things Shounak was big to point out. “It’s like a puzzle” and “each piece is artfully crafted,” but “it’s put together in the most confusing way possible.”

However, unanimously, most everyone including critics enjoyed the casting choices and characterizations of Batman and Wonder Woman. Shounak even mentions how this movie’s Batman was exactly how he always pictured a cinematic Batman to be: hard-hitting, brooding, well-built, etc. He felt the movie’s characterization of Superman was spot on as well.

But it was this kind of divide in opinions that made the movie fall into a pit of criticism. The lasting thoughts on this movie will be a talking point for movie fans for a long while to come. Why? Because of how divisive it is; arguments of whether it was good or bad, agreements of how terrible it was to watch, or praises on how good it indeed is. Which ultimately leaves the lasting impression of this movie.

Whether you thought the movie good or bad, Batman v Superman definitely left a mark on the movie world. And it will be the driving thought through any subsequent movie DC releases. The next movie in their shared universe will have a tough act to follow up (and make up for).

I loved the movie, and I truly enjoyed it. If you didn’t like it, then you of course have that lasting impression to hold. Leave a comment below about your thoughts on the movie! But for more movie goodness, come back here to Cinemaniacs!

Updated 4/11: added in further information about interviewee, reworked sentences


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