Fictional Restaurants That Became Real

There’s a lot of fake restaurants out there in fiction. Sometimes they’re parodies that poke fun at our real-life eateries, and sometimes they’re genuinely intriguing restaurants. And the most popular (or perhaps most nostalgic) of these can sometimes become real-life attractions. Here are a few movie restaurants I was happy to find out exist, and some I would love to eventually eat at.

Magic At Nine & Three-Quarters

Harry Potter has been one of the most popular books in our time and it only makes sense that it would inspire numerous real-life attractions. There’s even a whole theme park made because of it. And one of the restaurants at the Harry Potter theme park is Diagon Alley. The restaurant features foods and drinks straight from the books themselves.

Diagon Alley

Fish and Friends

Right out of Forrest Gump, the Bubba Gump Shrimp Comany fulfills the dreams of Forrest and Bubba. The restaurant started as just a small one in Monterrey, California in 1996. But the fame of the movie let the restaurant expand, and now you can get some Bubba Gump shrimp in over 30 locations across the world. And as you would expect, seafood is the main dish here.

Rat Made Ratatouille

When your movie is about an aspiring chef working in a restaurant, its not surprising to see a restaurant made for it. Made to look just like the restaurant at the end of Ratatouille, Bistrot Chez Remy is both entertaining and charming. Sadly however, the restaurant is only at Disneyland Paris. But it’s definitely an experience to eat at if you’re ever traveling abroad.

Out of This World Pizza

Another Disney-inspired restaurant, Pizza Planet is a restaurant first seen in Toy Story. The  real-life restaurant, found at Disney World, specializes in pizza of course. But it also sports an intergalactic, Buzz Lightyear theme. Enough to mesmerize any child or adult. Sadly however, the restaurant will be closed for the rest of the year. But the good new is that it’s not gone for good; it will be reopening by next year.

Those are some of the movie restaurants I’d love to eat at. Are there any you know of that I don’t? Leave a comment below and tell me where to find the place! For more movie goodness, come back here to Cinemaniacs!



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