Bargain Bins Aren’t So Bad

The movie bargain bin. I’m sure you’ve seen it, lying around your local Walmart or grocery store. A giant vat of old movies that never seems to go away. It’s always there, always un-visited, always lonely. The bargain bin never seems to get any attention; people glance at the old movies and see nothing of interest.

While that’s not necessarily wrong, I’m here to tell you that the bargain bin is worth a chance next time you see it. The majority of the bargain bin is usually full of old movies that hold no interest, bad movies, or movies you’ve already seen. But there’s good reason to pick out a bargain movie.

They’re Cheap

First and foremost, the movies in a bargain bin are very cheap. Movies are usually found from $5-10, or even less. These movies won’t dent your wallet, and are the same as if you’d rent a movie. Except you’ll keep it. You will honestly get what you pay for, but what you’re paying is pocket change.

There’s Some Hidden Gems

While you won’t find a blockbuster hit in the bargain bin, you’ll still might find an enjoyable movie. You can easily find movies like Mean Girls or Hairspray in the bargain bin; movies that became really popular during their time. Some argue that Mean Girls still holds up today.

You might even find a hidden gem in the bargain bin. A movie that you didn’t think would be good, but became a personal favorite. A Scooby-Doo movie you grew up with perhaps Maybe a movie with a bit of nostalgia even.

Fun with a Group

So what if the movie is bad? Watching a bad movie with some friends is a lot of fun. Even more so when you can all collectively insult the terribleness of the movie. You might get some future inside jokes from the ordeal.

Even if the movie isn’t bad, enjoying a movie with a group makes the experience that much more enjoyable. You could also set that movie as background noise while you all drink, play a board game, cook, or whatever else you do with your friends.

Hopefully next time you see that lonely bargain bin, you give it a second chance. Are there any reasons you still dig through the bargain bin? Leave a comment below! For more movie goodness come back here to Cinemaniacs!


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