Batman v Superman v Critics

Batman v Superman, a movie I’ve personally been oh too excited for aired to the public yesterday. But for the critics, they got an early showing of the superhero blockbuster (March 22nd). And oh man, the critics are attacking the movie in every way, at every angle.

The article linked, by Proma Khosla of Mashable, compiles a summary of what most critics are saying. I’ve been doing my best to avoid spoilers, so what follows below will be spoiler-free.


Many critics have a thing or two to say about the story. From being disjointed to having too much information. Variety thinks the plot felt thin. And some believe there was too much comic book information; to where if you weren’t a fan then you couldn’t follow along.

Story concerns are an expectation when going into movies though. Few movies you enjoy without a good narrative behind it. Critics have been known to be, well, critical of storylines however.

mash1And some critics can’t help but compare it to the Marvel movies. Which is not to be unexpected. Marvel is the other comic book giant, and is DC’s long time rival in the industry. DC has a lot to compete with here. And critics are expecting the same quality that Marvel has created.

However, where critics are attacking the film, the general public who’s watching it have very good things to say about it. As Niki Albon implies, Batman v Superman isn’t a Marvel movie. It’s its own entity, with a different tonal approach.

Many people are actually going for second viewings. There indeed was a lot of content to chew on, so watching it the movie a second time would help catch things that were missed or just reprocess it. Or maybe they just want to watch the movie a second time because they liked it.

But in the end, it is up to you to ultimately decide if you like the film or not. The critics are known to be harsh on many a movie. And the general public is enjoying the movie for their own merits. I myself will be making my own opinion when I watch tomorrow night. What do you all think? What are your opinions on Batman v Superman? Leave a comment below! For more movie goodness, come back here to Cinemaniacs!



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