Classmates’ Thoughts on Upcoming DC Movies

With Batman v Superman coming out this weekend (and kicking off DC and Warner Bros.’ new line of movies), I thought it’d be a good time to get my classmates’ opinions on the subject. I went to Austin Logan about how his thoughts about the new DC shared movie universe.

Hossain: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman finally on the big screen together! What’re your thought on that?

Logan: Well, you see, I really don’t like the idea of just throwing Wonder Woman in there as a supporting character. I honestly believe that they should a movie for her before they throw her in such a big movie. Cause you know, you get more background on her character like that. It seems like she’s just gonna be…thrown in there, like you know, just to say ‘Oh we have Wonder Woman in the movie. She’s the female superhero, for all the girls that want to see this!’. I just feel like it was something that was pretty sexist cause, you know, I feel like all the other Marvel movies, how they kind of like had a movie before that person, before they had one big movie. Like they had the Avengers, but they had separate movies before the Avengers, so you know all the background stories about all the characters. See I feel like DC fails to do that, except with Batman and Superman. It seems like with Batman they’re going with a whole new angle, you know they’re doing the whole…you know…

Hossain: Shared universe.

Logan: Yeah!


HossainWell Wonder Woman is getting her movie in a year.

Logan: But that’s the thing, like that’s why I don’t agree with cause I think they should have the Wonder Woman movie before the Batman vs. Superman movie. So we like, the in and outs of her character.

Hossain: What if they’re doing the reverse here though? What if they’re introducing Wonder Woman to set up the Wonder Woman movie?

Logan: But that usually doesn’t happen so… You know that doesn’t happen right?

HossainBut do you think Batman should have had his own movie first, before being thrown in here? Because Superman had his movie first, then here. Do you feel that way about Batman?

Logan: Well I feel like people are gonna not feel that way, cause they been used to seeing Batman on the big screen already. So they kind of have a background of who Batman is.

Hossain: How do you feel about Superman? He’s got his second movie coming on, so he’s been an established character. Do you think he deserves that? Because he essentially set up the next few movies.

Logan: Yeah. I think he does. Cause I mean, in the comic book series as well, Superman is a big part of the comics and DC. And in all reality, that’s why they’re basing this story off the comic books. Cause in the comic books, Batman wanted to get rid of Superman because [Batman] felt like [Superman] was too big of a threat to humanity. The only thing that’s different here is that Batman and Superman team up.

Hossain: Now I got to ask, who do you think is going to win? Batman or Superman?

Logan: I think it’s gonna be a stalemate. Cause I’m pretty sure like they’re gonna have a scene where Superman’s beating Batman and a scene where Batman’s beating Superman. And then before they settle the fight, they’re gonna have to fight the bad guy. You know, whatever his name is. Doomsday or something. But yeah, I’m really excited to see how they settle it. But like I said, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna end in a stalemate. And then they’ll be friends afterwards.

Hossain: And that’s how they form the Justice League!

Logan: Yeah! To fight powerful villains that they can’t deal with themselves.

Thanks again to Austin for giving his input on the subject. What are your thoughts on the movie? Are you excited? Leave a comment below! For more movie goodness, come back here to Cinemaniacs!


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