What to Watch on Spring Break

Hey there Cinemaniacs! Just an announcement for you all, starting tomorrow I’ll be off on Spring Break. I won’t be blogging for the week of break. I’ll be back on the 21st of March and resume my regular blogging. But before I go, in the vein of Spring Break, I’ll give you guys a list of what I think are some great movies to watch during Spring Break!

The Obvious One

Spring Breakers is the go to, given its name. But the film itself is a large dose of fun and very appropriate for the occasion. The wild Spring Break life: partying, drinking, beaches! It’s got it all and more!

The movie stars a well known cast, with James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Benson. If you’re looking for some good fun, and a movie shot like a music video, then Spring Breakers is worth a watch!

Pranks Abound

Even though it came out in summer, Neighbors is still a great movie during spring. Zac Efron and Seth Rogan clash in this movie about a couple who lives across the street from your typical frat house.

Mac (played by Rogan) and his wife Kelly face off against Teddy (played by Efron) and his frat house, going back and forth with a barrage of pranks. And sometimes a little more. A great movie to watch if you’re with a group!

So Bad It’s Hilarous

You’ve heard of. You’ve heard how bad it is. And why that’s why it’s worth watching. And let me tell you, that’s exactly why you should watch it. Sharknado is so bad, so cheesy, and so laughably terrible, that it will actually make you laugh. If you haven’t heard of this (and praise to you), Sharknado is, as you might have guessed, a movie about a tornado full of sharks.

I know; it’s as ridiculous as it sounds. The movie is so dumb and bad, that you’ll mock it and have a good time doing it. It’s a bad movie yes, but a great movie to watch if you’re looking to just have some good fun. And if you enjoy making fun of it, there’s two sequels to look forward to. And they fully embrace how bad the series is.

Good to the Last Bite


In an attempt to make Spring Break scary, Piranha 3D takes the name of the original 1978 movie of the same name. An abrupt underwater tremor at Lake Victoria releases an ancient, pre-historic species of man-eating piranhas. This turns a party filled Spring Break into a blood bath.

While this movie tries to be scary it ultimately turns out to be predictable. But don’t let that stop you. It’s a movie that fits Spring Break to a T, and admittedly watching CGI fish eat people is a lot funnier than you think. The 3D also helps those fish pop.

The Summer Blockbuster Before Summer

If you haven’t watched Deadpool yet, you need to before it stops playing at theaters! I’ve talked about this before, and it still holds true: Deadpool is just a hilarious, fight-filled superhero film. And there’s still time to catch it before you have to wait for the DVD release.

The movie has great fight scenes, amazing one-liners, and over a hundred Easter Eggs for the fans. Not only that, but Deadpool has been breaking records left and right. If you want to end your break with a bang, look no further!

But that’s my list of great Spring Break movies to watch in your downtime. Have you got any movie suggestions for break? Leave a comment below with some Spring Break movies. I’ll be back in a week Cinemaniacs; for more movie goodness, come back here!


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