Batman V Superman is Just Around the Corner

Batman V Superman is quickly approaching us, and it’s been the movie I’ve been most looking forward to this year! To help illustrate the excitement, I’ve created a Storify for the movie.



Batman is one of my favorite superheroes, and he is finally sharing the big screen with Superman. These two heroes are also two of the biggest known comic book icons, and they’re going to collide in a huge way this month.

I hope you’re all as excited as I am for this movie! But if not, there is a lot to be excited for that I’d like to show you all. This movie is the second iteration in DC’s shared universe, and it looks to be the driving force behind it. A lot of characters will be introduced, and a lot of cameos.

Not to mention the first movie debut for Wonder Woman. And it’s long coming for a female superhero to show up, one who isn’t treated as a side or supporting character. Who will also be getting her own solo movie next year.

Batman V Superman comes out this month on March 25th. Be sure to check out the Storify to get you excited. And for more movie goodness, come back here to Cinemaniacs!


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