Sony Pushing for Venom Movie. Why?

Sony had plans to create a movie about Spider-Man‘s famous archenemy, Venom. But it was previously held on corporate hiatus. However, Sony recently came out to tell us that plans for a Venom movie are still moving forward.

For those of you who don’t know, early last year Sony and Marvel struck a deal to finally include fan favorite superhero, Spider-Man, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is the shared movie continuity best known by The Avengers (but does not include the X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four franchises). This plan also involves a reboot for Spider-Man in 2017, played by Tom Holland.

But this deal apparently excludes Venom. Now if you haven’t heard of Venom before, he is essentially the character polar opposite of Spider-Man, right down to the black spider-suit. He is an alien symbiote that bonds with a human host (typically Eddie Brock) that feeds off the host’s negative emotions. Venom, in most cases, has a singular goal to either either destroy Spider-Man or take him back as host.

Venom had a semi-important, and rushed, role in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. He also appears in many animated TV shows. But Venom always appears next to Spider-Man, to provide both an origin for Venom and that classic dark mirror for the protagonist. Venom starts with Spider-Man, so how do you create a film separate from him? Why would you?

From a corporate standpoint, it makes a lot of sense. Spider-Man is a huge, hot property with fans worldwide. Which to Sony means money. And here we have Venom, essentially a second Spider-Man (at least in looks and powers, just dark and evil). If Sony can bring this character up to the fame of Spider-Man, then they have a moneymaker of their own that they won’t have to share with Marvel.

But fans and critics are asking why? From a storytelling point, Venom starts with Spider-Man. His origin is directly with Spider-Man. There isn’t a big enough following for the character to where viewers will understand who Venom is without explaining his backstory/origin. Which if Venom’s movie exists outside of Spider-Man’s, then how would this work?

Venom is a bad guy, not an antihero or a redeemable monster. He is just a monster. A villain. An enemy. People, or at least the majority, don’t want to see a superhero movie about a villain doing evil things. And fans don’t want to see a famous Spider-Man villain become lowered into a troubled, redeemable hero. It’s too much of a 180 for the character.

That’s not to say a good movie from a villain’s perspective can’t work; just look at MaleficentAnd it’s too early to say Sony can’t turn Venom into a popular name. But it just seems unnecessary. Venom works best as a villain and evil character foil to Spider-Man, not as a solo hero.

People don’t really want to see this, and it feels just like a milking of the Spider-Man franchise so Sony can make more money. And by associating it somewhat to Spider-Man’s image, Sony wants to make Venom big. It seems too corporate and not really in the interest of the viewers or fanbase.

But what do you guys think of this? Leave some comments below for you thoughts on Venom! And for more movie goodness, come back here to Cinemaniacs!



  1. swanpride · March 6, 2016

    The fact aside that I hate Maleficent (it is the only movie which honestly offended me to a degree that I hate it with a passion), the movie is not from the perspective of the villain, because they devilified Maleficent and turned Stephan into the villain in her place.

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    • cinemaniacsite · March 6, 2016

      That’s a really good point, thanks for clarifying that. I’m sure there are gripes for lowering Maleficent from a villain to who she was in the movie. Which are my feelings on if they do the same to Venom. And Maleficent did earn a lot in the box office, so it did end up becoming a business success…


      • swanpride · March 6, 2016

        If it were just Maleficent…what they did to her was bad enough (as was that they did to Aurora and Phillip), but what really offended me was how they turned three of the greatest heroines Disney ever created into a bunch of idiots…and to add insult to injury, there were actually people claiming that this movie was feminist for ruining three wonderful female lead characters and symbolically raping the Mistress of all Evil!!!! The box office success was just the icing on this sh…. cake.

        As a general rule, villains are better the less you know about them. The Star Wars Prequels have shown that perfectly. Naturally there are exception to this rule. Loki is one of them (though with him, it mostly works because no matter how much you know about him, you never know what is true and what isn’t), Doom is another one – Venom on the other hand isn’t. I am not an expert on comics, but isn’t the interesting part about this villain the struggle between the human who got possessed with him? But that only works if we actually care about the human. That still doesn’t mean we care about Venom. He is just a tool.

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      • cinemaniacsite · March 7, 2016

        I would have to say it depends on the villain. There are certainly villains who I’d like to keep at an arm’s length, because of how they mystery around them adds to their intrigue. The best example is Joker, who has a very limited backstory. But there are some villains who I like to learn more about. But Venom is definitely not one of them. And I agree with you, Eddie Brock or Venom really isn’t someone I care to sympathize with or need a movie for. I like them because they’re villains, not because they’re characters I want to care for.


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