Check Out Some Flicks at Fowler

If you didn’t catch it in theaters, Sisters is airing this weekend at Fowler Hall at the Purdue Stewart Center. And if you have your student ID, it’ll be completely free. But if not, $4 isn’t a bad price for a movie!

Flicks at Fowler is a (typically) weekly event held by the Purdue Student Union Board, aka PSUB. They air recently released movies here at Purdue University, and usually to a big turnout. In fact, one of my first experiences here at Purdue as a freshman was watching Monsters University at a Flicks at Fowler event!

Sisters is a story about, you guessed it, two sisters. When their parents decide to sell their childhood home, siblings Maura (played by Amy Poehler) and Kate (played by Tina Fey) are asked to clean out their rooms before moving day.

The sisters decide to throw one last house party to celebrate their house’s going away. But as the party rages on, the house falls into a not so marketable condition. It’s a fun, quirky comedy with a spotlight on family.

Sisters came out to average reviews but was still viewed as an enjoyable movie. And it does star the comedic duo of Poehler and Fey. If you’re in the West Lafayette area, come and check out the movie! The experience will be a worthwhile one.

Be sure to also check out any upcoming Flicks at Fowler on PSUB’s website! For more movie goodness, come back here to Cinemaniacs!



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