Keanu Reeves Discusses Exposed with IGN

In a recent interview with IGN, Keanu Reeves spoke out about his role in his latest movie, Exposed.  Exposed aired in the U.S. on January 22nd, but is only now releasing in the UK on February 26h; it is also being released on demand on the same day. IGN is a media entertainment website that provides news for video games, TV, movies, and technology.

Exposed is about Detective Scott Gablan, played by Reeves, investigating the death of his partner. Originally titled Daughter of God, the movie was written and directed by Declan Dale. The movie, however, was ill received by critics and viewers. But as it turns out, the movie was not as it was intended to be.

The article shows the interview between IGN and Reeves about his thoughts about the film. The interview opens with asking Reeves about his initial appeal to the movie and why he signed up for it. Reeves goes on to say how the character of Gablan intrigued him:

“I liked this kind of defeated person. This man who is down in the job, he’s separated from his kid, his wife, his partner dead. But as he tries to survive and figure out what’s happened, I really responded to the struggle of the script.”

The film in fact went into a state of creative differences with its studio, LionsgateExposed was originally called Daughter of God because the original script called for it to be a “surreal bi-lingual drama”. One that would focus on the heavy topics of child abuse, police violence, violence against women, and mass incarceration.

However, Lionsgate thought they were signing up for a crime thriller starring Keanu Reeves, not an intense drama. Lionsgate went on to cut out a lot material, such as cutting out a secondary protagonist and solely focusing on Reeve’s character. This creative difference made director Gee Malik Linton change his name on the film to the pseudonym of Declan Dale.

Reeves in his interview tells his thought about this whole situation. While he does think the movie keeps its form in a way, the theatrical release he feels is much different than what Reeves thought he would be doing.

” I think it’s certainly not as realised – a lot of the Spanish is different, some of the other world has been diminished.  …Maybe its intention certainly is not as fully realised as the director had hoped.”

Reeves also goes on to say how he was upset to see Linton take his name off the film; he describes it as being “tough, and a tragedy”.

“…the cut that’s showing of the movie is orientated much more towards, not really the suspense elements of it, but the studio’s kind of releasing it as this sort of cop thriller. And it’s definitely not that.”

IGN also asks Reeves about his upcoming work in The Neon Demon and The Bad BatchExposed will be releasing on demand on February 26th; you can check out the trailer here. For more movie goodness, come back here to Cinemaniacs.


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