Deadpool Easter Eggs

If you haven’t seen Deadpool, then look away! Spoilers will follow. This is just a small list of the many Easter Eggs peppered through the Deadpool movie. In fact, Fox’s record breaking movie has over 100 Easter Eggs. But that’s too many for me to list here, so I’ll just name a few of my favorites.

“And please don’t make the supersuit green.”

When Wade Wilson is being rolled into Ajax’s torturing operating room, he shouts “And please don’t make the supersuit green. Or animated!” This is a jab at Ryan Reynold’s last superhero venture as Hal Jordan, in the Green Lantern movie

The movie was regarded as terrible and was ill received by fans and critics. Receiving an aggregate score of 26% on Rotten Tomatoes, a very visible gripe about the movie was Hal’s suit being completely CGI including his face mask. Something Deadpool takes no shame in making fun of.

There’s actually a Green Lantern nod before this in the first few minutes of the movie. In the wallet of one of the henchmen Deadpool kills, there is a picture of Reynolds’ Green Lantern.

A prized possession

Deadpool’s first theatrical appearance was actually in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where they absolutely botched the character. In fact, that’s one of the reasons people don’t like the film (among many others). And Deadpool’s newest iteration takes no hesitance in ripping on the movie.

Numerous times throughout the movie, Wade is threatened to “have his lips sewn shut“, or that his “lips are sealed”. But why stop there?  When Wade talks about taking his prized possession with him, he grabs a little toy of Deadpool’s incarnation in X-Men Origins, complete with a sewn mouth and a giant sword jutting out of his hand. Thankfully Wade throws the toy away to grab his WHAM! music collection (the true prized possession).

McAvoy or Stewart?

When Colossus finally grabs Deadpool, he drags him off to bring to the X-Men mansion. To this Deadpool asks, in an appropriately meta fashion, whether they’re bringing him to “McAvoy or Stewart” and claiming how these new timelines are so hard to follow.

This is a jab at the existing X-Men movie franchise, where Patrick Stewart plays the older version of Charles Xavier and James McAvoy plays the younger version in the newer trilogy. Not to mention the various plot holes and retcons within the franchise.


In the last act of the movie, Deadpool beats up a couple of Ajax’s henchmen. Among them, he notices one person in particular: a former special forces soldier and good friend to Wade in the past, Bob.

Bob is actually a recurring character in the Deadpool comics and is an agent of the villainous organization, HYDRA. However, the movie omits that information since HYDRA is currently under Marvel Studios’ rights. Nevertheless, Deadpool makes homage to the old friend.

You’re still here?


In the post-credits scene Deadpool comes out dressed in a nightgown, over his red suit, comes out in a very similar fashion to the post-credits scene of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Very much like Matthew Broderick’s performance, Deadpool asks us why we’re still here after the movie ended.

He tells us to shoo away, before telling us some very worthwhile info. He speaks of how a second Deadpool movie is being developed and that it will include Cable. Fans of Deadpool know Cable as Scott Summers’ and Jean Grey’s child from the future, and frequent partner to Deadpool.

That’s just a few of my favorite Easter Eggs throughout the Deadpool movie! Now I couldn’t get to all of them. But if you’re still curious, I recommend you check out this video of the over 100 Easter Eggs. What was your favorite Easter Egg? Leave a comment below, and be sure to come back to Cinemaniacs for more movie goodness!


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