My Deadpool Experience

This is going to be a bit of a personal post, but I wanted to share a little of my  movie-going experience last night. I saw Deadpool for Valentine’s Day, and oh it was just as spectacular as I hoped it would be.

For obvious reasons, I don’t have any pictures of the actual movie. But the wait until was exciting for me, and the building anticipation only made the payoff that much more sweet.

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My friends and I actually got to the theater an hour early. But it turned out to be a good decision, because that theater filled up quickly. We were lucky enough to get a whole row to ourselves; the auditorium was packed within minutes of letting us in.

The movie itself was just simply amazing. Quirky and charming, yet crass and bloody. Deadpool hits the ground running, with amazing one-liners, and hilarious dialogue and interactions. The movie uses its R-rating masterfully, with jokes that don’t dwell too long on the crass. In fact, the best jokes were the ones that made fun of pop culture or used Deadpool’s weird mannerisms.

And then there’s the action scenes: well shot, great visuals, and exhilarating fights. While not too heavy on the superpowers, the movie instead lends itself to great one-on-one fist fights, clashing swords, and creative gun shots.

I came out of the theater actually jumping with joy. I loved it, and I am more than willing to watch it a second time in theaters. If you haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend it; a personal 10/10! If you have seen it, share your comments here about the movie!

If you’re interested in more Deadpool, come back here to Cinemaniacs for an upcoming list of Deadpool easter eggs.




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