Welcome to Cinemaniac


This is a blog dedicated to telling you about what’s what with recent movies. Trailers, pictures, trivia and more. I will update on a regular basis, with news and movie info to tide you over until these movies come out.

Local West Lafayette movie events will also pepper in occasionally; TV shows and some old movies too. I’ll offer up my personal thoughts about the movies I talk about and feel free to share your opinions as well.

A little about me, I am very much a cinemaniac. And by all means call yourself that too. I have a love for movies and TV; watching them, movie facts, actors and actresses, all that junk. I’m a big sucker for superhero movies. DC and Marvel are my not so guilty pleasures, and I can’t wait to watch all of their upcoming movies (especially DC!). And right up there is my absolute love of horror movies.

This is a blog for movies and movie lovers alike. So come by and let’s talk about some movies.



One comment

  1. Jeyna Grace · February 2, 2016

    Happy blogging!


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